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The View from My Screen
by Wendy C. Ortiz
Issue 1: Fall 2020
My Father’s Badge and Gun
by Natashia Deón
Issue 1: Fall 2020
Amiri Baraka, “The City of New Ark: A Poem of Destiny”
by The Editors
black and white image tounge licking keyboard
“Language is failing us”: Mónica de la Torre and Alex Balgiu on “Women in Concrete Poetry, 1959-1979” (Air/Light Podcast #3)
by Aaron Winslow
sidewalk spraypaint of word Hell with an arrow sign
Bad Medicine: Responses to an Unfinished Election
by The Editors
blue image green and white text prop 21
“This granular level of evil manifesting itself on my ballot”: Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal and the Two Evils Voting Guide (Air/Light Podcast #2)
by Aaron Winslow