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From the Editor: “Let’s Just See What Happens” by David L. Ulin



“Last Home” by Debra Monroe

“Exile in Desire” by Lynell George

“Married in a Hurricane, Divorced in a Drought: On a Loss of Nature, and the Nature of Loss” by Erin Ruffin




“I Know You’re There” by Paul Tremblay

“Deliverance” by Janet Sarbanes

Man of the House” by Laurel Doud

“A Dreadful Consolation” by Christos Ikonomou, translated by Karen Emmerich

“Picture of Spring” by Adalena Kavanagh




“Child of Immigrants” by Jia-Rui Cook

“I’m Driving to Fresno (And I don’t care who knows it),” “Noir Confessions—with Evasions,” “Noir Stanzas” by Suzanne Lummis

“Unsolicited” by Debora Kuan

“In the Beginning,” “Containment,” “The Scene,” “Poem Beginning with a Line by Wayne Koestenbaum” by Randall Mann

“Ode to Billy Joel,” “Prayer to St. Anthony, Patron Saint of Lost Things,” “Ode to My11-Year-Old’s Shadow of a Mustache,” “Gwyneth Paltrow’s P*ssy,” “They Teased, If You Love Your Dog So Much, Why Don’t You Marry Him?” by Sonia Greenfield

“Law of the Letter,” “My Wife Falls Asleep to Friends and It Streams All Night,” Quabbin Reservoir” by Elizabeth Galoozis

“Matin” by Marisa P. Clark

“I’ve Come to Pee in Your Lake,” “Fly” by Angelica Whitehorne




The Subir and Malini Chowdhury Foundation Distinguished Speakers Series Presents An Evening with Zadie Smith: Zadie Smith Interviewed by Geoff Dyer

Christos Ikonomou and Karen Emmerich Interviewed by David L. Ulin




“Days of the Dead: Shrines for the American Dream” by Harryette Mullen






“Our Bodies, Our Grief” by Ashley Perez

“Pecking Order” by Rishi Reddi




“Struck or Shaken” by Elda María Román