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Editor’s Note: “Hurriquake” by David L. Ulin




“Community Is My Poetics: The Chowdhury Prize Acceptance Speech” by Victoria Chang

“Vanguard Mail Operations” by Kristen Gallagher

“In Praise of White Hair” by Catherine Texier

“Last Day” by Jacqueline Herron




“Fluxus on Pulver” by Pearl Abraham

“The Depressed Baby” by Elizabeth Crane




“Falling Blue, 1963,” “Untitled #10, 1990,” “Grey Stone II, 1961” by Victoria Chang

“Dummy Ventriloquist” by Michelle Bitting

“self-portrait with atmospheric river & cougar sighting,” “self-portrait with hummingbird & beaver moon,” “You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know” by Marci Vogel

“Morning Without School” by Caitlin Thomson

“Racket on the Petals,” “Hedge Man,” “Vanishing Point Canto,” “Freddie Mercury in Paradiso,” “Jeanne Lee, Conspiracy” by Diane Mehta

“Fallen,” “Mirror and Table” by Brian Kim Stefans

“Apostrophe,” “Lottery (I’ll never know)” by Kristin Robertson

“Hunger,” “Red Bath,” It Is Not a Bridge,” “The Hart” by Sarah Maclay

“Hither,” “Submission” by Jessica Goodfellow

“Nat Turner’s Dream,” “The Morning Sky,” “More Words,” “On Television” by W.S. Di Piero

“LOVE THE FLICKER,” “imperfectly liquid animal” by Kirsten (Kai) Ihns

“So You Want to Travel the World” by Sandy Smith




“Attuning Yourself to Yourself: A Conversation with Victoria Chang” by Matthew Zapruder

W.S. Di Piero Interviewed by David Biespiel




“Intermezzo” by Karen Tongson




“Creve Coeur” by Robert Fitterman