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“This granular level of evil manifesting itself on my ballot”: Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal and the Two Evils Voting Guide (Air/Light Podcast #2)

With the election coming up in a few days, we here at Air/Light wanted to help you not make a choice, but to make the right choice. We’re thrilled to present a conversation with Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal, a writer, artist, and co-founder of the Los Angeles Tenants Union. Tracy’s Two Evils voting guide is informed, impeccably researched, opinionated, and unabashedly radical. And hilarious. You’ll LOL as you burn with righteous rage. Tracy’s guide, and our interview with her, will make you want to get out there and vote and also join the LA Tenants Union, your local mutual aid network, your local labor struggle, and just take to the streets to demand justice. We hope you enjoy the conversation!

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Aaron Winslow is the managing editor of Air/Light.

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