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Editor’s Note: “My Father’s Pen” by David L. Ulin


“Notes on Sleaze” by Daniel Torday

“Alias Intrepid” by Melissa Haley

“That LA Bug” by Louise Steinman


“God’s Big Mouth” by Henneh Kyereh Kwaku

“Night Bus” by Rory Say

“Mandy at the End of the World” by Jose Padua

“Pearl” by Tara Ison

“Big Plans” by Shayne Langford


“Angel’s Share,” “Mother of Muses,” “Do I really Have Nothing At All,” “Secondhand God” by MICHAEL CHANG

“Gal,” “Say What,” Communion” by Adele Elise Williams

“Driven Nail Cure” by Emma Aylor

“Elegy with Two Trees,” “On Eschatology,” “Lines for the Winter Solstice,” “Lines for the New Year (1)” by Christopher Merrill

“Cold Water,” “Forbidden Peak,” “After the Funeral,” “The Farmhouse” by E.J. Koh

“sometimes, the night,” “No Elegy for the Magic,” “Now That I Know What I Had, I Know,” “Sestina for Suzanne Lummis, Empress of Noir” by Lynne Thompson

“Homo Americanus,” “The Charm and the Dread,” “Betimes” by Rodrigo Toscano

“My Father Wes a Firm Believer,” “Listening Wind” by Jim Natal


Stenio Gardel Interviewed by David Martinez

Natasha Trethewey Interviewed by Danzy Senna


“Give Me Shelter” by Wendy Murray


“7-10-22” by Anne Germanacos


“On Being and On Being the Right Size” by Rob Bowman