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“I have settled for you”: 2 poems by Hannah Elliot


We should hang
With love,
Hannah Elliot


Is no one wistful anymore?

We are pillowed by brick
Sewn by tears
And windows peering into
These museums of dreams
Still not many of us
Wear leather and
Take arms
Waltzing down the Bowery
We do not speak our
Poetry in reverb

Who are we now
When we kiss in the White Castle
We wear grey like faded pictures
That diffuse into the
Sorry sky

I have settled for you
Walking into the same train cart as me

I figured out why I can’t write fiction
I am living in fiction
This fantasy is Big Star’s
Thirteen on the J train
to my favorite green knoll
A picture show in this old hotel
Almost touching hands with a boy
Who’s long hair and piercing
Are pissing me off
He’s Bookmarking his novel
with a pointer finger
While a blue eyeshadowed girl
with huge hair and

high waist sings
Low and low
Crackling this croon
Directly into my ear

I live in a lullaby
Where I can be a big star
Hanging over the Hudson
Here, I cinematize to stay alive.


I exist in a stranger’s stare


Will you hold this
Little clump of cream
Cheese for me?
Because I don’t know who I am
I will slow to a
Dude with hair
He will smoke
In my face
But the scent is
Buttery croissant

The goblin core hinge
Dude was named love
I said I just want to
Be pet like a cat
But it sounded more like
Let’s go dance and be crazy
Woo! I like your style
We can make out heavy
Floating in the shrill
Cranking of baby bang’s
Synth wave riff off
Clink clank click clack clink
Crank it. Crank it.
Fight me with your plastic aura
Fight me clink clack clink
My plastic aura
Do do do do
Let’s dance and be crazy

Maybe let’s go home
Home, never mind
Maybe we’ll get stuck in cream
Cheese. Tonight, you might find me
White and furry

Hannah Elliot is a Brooklyn based poet and playwright from Hollywood, Florida. Her poetry employs ephemera and nostalgia to survey the convergence of cuteness, girliness, and the grotesque. Her poetry has been published by "Moral Crema," "Hot Pink Mag," "Dream Boy Book Club," and constantly sprinkled throughout her instagram @fetalbabushka.

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