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“Tidal,” “Have You Ever Tried to Bully a Wave,” and “Starshine”



“Tidal” and “Have You Ever Bullied a Wave?” are excerpted from a five-part video poem series called Tidal by poet Shin Yu Pai and filmmaker David Ian Bickley. Kyle Hanson composed the music for “Have You Ever Bullied a Wave?” The series explores Buddhist notions of karma through the metaphor of ocean tides and of the human body in relationship to these natural forces.



“Starshine” explores the possibility of life on other planets, the conditions of which are revealed by starlight.

Shin Yu Pai wrote the text and David Ian Bickley created the film and music.

Shin Yu Pai is the author of several books of poetry, including "AUX ARCS" (La Alameda), "Adamantine" (White Pine), Sightings (1913 Press), and "Equivalence" (La Alameda).

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David Ian Bickley is an award-winning media artist whose body of work spans the primitive technological of the 1970’s to the digital cutting edge of today. His media work has manifested as television, installation, electronic music and video art.

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