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Four Poems



Some days I can’t see
beyond the two small lemons
as they pull down the branches.





My mother is dead.
The lemons still turn yellow,
the trout still stare emptily,
desire is still free.
We still love many people,
eat peaches as if kissing.



Dusk in Winter


Everything is blue.
If we mend dusk, then morning
may never arrive.
At this time of day, it’s hard
to tell the difference
between a rook and a star.
Snow melts on the rook’s
leg. A poem is the rook’s leg
only after touching snow. 



Rain at Night


To be the last drop
of rain each night is sadness.
It shuts the last door and jumps.



Victoria Chang ’s poetry books include "OBIT" (Copper Canyon Press), "Barbie Chang" (Copper Canyon Press), "The Boss" (McSweeney’s), "Salvinia Molesta" (University of Georgia Press), and "Circle" (Southern Illinois University Press). Her children’s books include "Is Mommy?" (Beach lane), illustrated by Marla Frazee, and "Love, Love" (Sterling), a middle grade novel. She serves as program chair of Antioch’s low-residency MFA program.

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