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Poetic Research Bureau Readings: Brian Kim Stefans

An early voice in digital literature and poetics, Brian Kim Stefans is a poet, digital artist and theorist who teaches in the English Department at UCLA. His new translation of the verse poems of Arthur Rimbaud, Festivals of Patience, is available from Kenning Editions. Other publications include the chapbook A Theatrical Oasis in the Spine of the Moon (2020), Viva Miscegenation: New Writing (2013), Kluge: A Meditation and other works (2007) and What Is Said to the Poet Concerning Flowers (2006). A volume of speculative literary criticism, Word Toys: Poetry and Technics, was published by the University of Alabama Press in 2017. His digital works can be found at his website

We’re thrilled to feature Stefans as part of the Poetic Research Bureau Readings series.

The Poetic Research Bureau is a reading venue, event space, and clubhouse for the development of experimental and underground literature and culture. Run by poets, artists, and curators Andrew Maxwell, Joseph Mosconi, and Rita Gonzalez, PRB is a site for literature at its most utopian: “an extended community of autodidacts and guessworkers caught up in language inquiry and the unguarded art.”

While PRB has been closed for the duration of the COVID lockdown, the curators have put together a small collection of Los Angeles writers doing site-specific readings around the city. We’re excited to host some of them here.

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